Wall Ties & Restraint Fixings

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TMI is a privately owned company, established in 1997 in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and located on approximately 850,000 square feet in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD).

Specializes in metal processing and manufacturing of Expanded Metal & Plastering Accessories, Roll Formed Profiles, Suspended Ceiling Systems, Cable Management Systems, Metal Doors & Frames, Industrial Shelving, Metal Cabinets, Gratings, Metal Ladders and specialized building material products. We are an ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 Certified company. Our emphasis is on quality products catering to today’s competitive and demanding business environment. By introducing the latest, advanced technologies in our production lines, we ensure that our high production targets are achieved.

Furthermore, with deep knowledge within our manufacturing system capabilities, our products have achieved a very high quality standard in this industry. Having earned a reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of quality products, we fully recognize that constant improvement is a vital requirement for our continued success.

TMI is well equipped for manufacturing wall ties and meeting any challenge in the construction industry. TMI manufactures a wide range of wall ties in galvanized steel and stainless steel of grades 304 and 316.

The range of TMI accessories from the standard ties, to its speciality, the custom designed ties are available to suit most engineering applications such as masonry, masonry to concrete, masonry to overhead structure and masonry to steel structures.

All wall ties manufacturing complies with BS EN 845-1:2003 (formerly BS 1243). A quick quotation and prompt delivery is available from stock of standard tie. As for our custom designed ties, an advanced information submittal is required for quick deliveries.

Frame Cramps

Frame cramps are designed to restrain the masonry with the new or existing vertical structure.

The 6mm hole (as in LPS) or 6mm x 18mm slot (as in LPT) in the standard 30mm upstand (other upstand height available upon request) is provided for attaching the frame cramp to the vertical structure and the other end is embedded to the masonry


L- Plain slot Tie


L- Slot tie with Split - end Tie


L- Plain bolt / Screw-on Tie

Movement Ties

Movement Ties are designed to restrain masonry against lateral wind loads, allowing a horizontal expansion or contraction. Movement Ties are used where masonry restrained to steel work and in long span masonry where movement joints are required.

Movement Ties are held in the brick or block work. The debonding sleeve provided on plain end of the tie will serve to allow the movement. TMI recommends the debonding sleeve to be installed with a gap of 10mm at the end to allow for expansion or contraction.

Cavity Wall Ties

These products are designed to secure two masonry of a cavity wall, allowing them to act as one structure.

The tie made of strip (as in FCWT) or wire (as in WTB) is embedded in the inner and outer masonry. Ties having a 6mm hole or 6mm x 18mm slot in the standard 30mm upstand (as in CWT) will be fixed to the existing vertical structure and the other end is embedded to the outer masonry. The drip feature of the tie can be fabricated according to customer requirements, and should be pointed downside during installation to prevent the moisture from crossing between the masonry.


Cavity Wall Tie Bolt / Screw - on


Cavity Slot Tie


L - Perforated Bolt / Screw - on Special Cavity Tie


L - Perforated Slot Special Cavity Tie

Overhead Restraints

Overhead restraints are designed for restraining the free standing wall the overhead structure. The sliding tie is fixed to the overhead structure to arrest side movements. The shrinkage or thermal movement of the wall can be absorbed by the vertical movement of the sliding tie.

The sliding tie is provided with a 6mm hole (as in VM1, VHM-ST1) or 6mm x 18mm slot (as in VM2, VHM-ST2) as a standard for fixture to the overhead structure. The other end is held between the brick or block work.


Vertical Movement Tie Bolt Screw - on


Vertical Horizontal Movement Tie Slot


Vertical Movement Tie Bolt Screw on


Vertical Horizontal Movement Tie Slot


Ceiling Wall Strap Tie

Anchor Plates

Different anchor plates are also available as a simple and economical head restraint system. Anchor plates are used to attach structural members to concrete structure. Anchor plates and angles can be used to frame openings in concrete walls or as shelf angles.


This system is designed to join and provide lateral support to the newly formed masonry with the existing vertical structure, that is steel section or concrete.

The system consist of channel that is fixed to the vertical structure (steel work or a concrete structure) and the tie which slides vertically in the channel embedded to masonry which provides the necessary restraint. The tie can be supplied with or without rubber sleeves


Dove tail with triangular channel


Ocht Channel


Fast track Channels


Rectangular Channel with Tie

Sliding Anchor Systems

Sliding anchor system is designed to restrain cavity wall to the overhead structure.

The system has a stem fixed to the overhead structure. It accepts ties which slide to accommodate vertical movement.


Sliding Anchor Stem - Head One


Sliding Anchor Stem - Head Two


Sliding Anchor Stem - Head Three


Sliding Anchor Stem - Head Four


Sliding Anchor Stem - Head Five


Sliding Anchor Stem - Head Six


Sliding Anchor Tie - One Way


Sliding Anchor Tie - Two Way

Special Non-Drill Fixing Ties

Fixing masonry ties to steel columns where shot-firing, drilling or welding is not permitted.

- Simply abut the column or attach to the flange to restrain the wall.
- Eliminate the risks associated with shot firing, welding or drilling.
- Special skills or requirements are not required.
- Fixing do not require the use of power tools.
- Reduce installation time & cost.


Non-Drill Section


Non-Drill Tie


Non-Drill Debonding Tie