Metal Doors & Frames

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TMI is a privately owned company, established in 1997 in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and located on approximately 850,000 square feet in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD).

Specializes in metal processing and manufacturing of Expanded Metal & Plastering Accessories, Roll Formed Profiles, Suspended Ceiling Systems, Cable Management Systems, Metal Doors & Frames, Industrial Shelving, Metal Cabinets, Gratings, Metal Ladders and specialized building material products. We are an ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 Certified company. Our emphasis is on quality products catering to today’s competitive and demanding business environment. By introducing the latest, advanced technologies in our production lines, we ensure that our high production targets are achieved.

Furthermore, with deep knowledge within our manufacturing system capabilities, our products have achieved a very high quality standard in this industry. Having earned a reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of quality products, we fully recognize that constant improvement is a vital requirement for our continued success.

developing products application to the changing industry, TMI Has a new state of art Metal doors Manufacturing Facility.Fire Rated and non-fire rated steel door are available in different configuration in different for commercial , residential , industrial and Institutional building based on the functional needs and economical consideration, Our Quality products range from standers steel doors and frame profile, to special custom Design for various architectural and engineering application.

Several types of doors are available for different needs, and play a very impotent role in a building's fire resistance; allow people to evacuate safety from a building or fire areas, while limiting the spread of fire. Fire doors serve as a regular door, while protecting life and property by reducing fire hazards

TMI doorset tested in accordance with British standers BS Part 476 part 22 at warring ton Certification Limited UK and certified by certifire.


Metal Doors & Frames

Powder Coating / IndustriaI Paint TMl Metal Doors factory finished ,and etched primed to tak.e any paint job. we offer wide range of semi gloss finishes..

Frames Construction

steel sheet formed to single or double rebate profile, corners mitered and welded or knock down type construction. Hinge reinforcing plates, lock strike preparation fixing straps, hardware mounting plates, mortar guards and temporary. frame spreader are welded to be frame.

1) Corner Construction
2) Fixing Methods
3) Frame Profiles

Metal Doors & Frames

Honeycomb core doors are constructed of two steel sheets with interlocking edge seems. The hardware cut-out are made and reinforcement plates weided the leaf. Paper honeycomb is glued to face sheets providing strength and rigidity to panels. the top and bottom edges closed with U channels welded to face sheets.

Rockwool core

Rockwool core (Mineral Fibre core) doors are constructed of two steeI sheets with interlocking edge seams. The hardware cut-outs are made and reinforcement plates wield within the leaf.

Stainless Steel Door & Frame

TMI Offers a Verity of Stainless Steel Doors, with Outstanding Finish and Carrosion protection for aesthetic or practical requirement

Doors - Wood Finish

TMI Offers a complete range of Doors Finish that Meet the most demanding requirement upto 120 min fire resistance, we ensure that all our products are well manufactured.

Substation/ Louver Doors

the Substation doors is specially designed for remote sites where ventillation is usually required and vandalism is anticipated TMI Substation doors are built for security and lasting construction. the rand=ge includes a wide number of option to meet individual customer requirement.

Glazed Doors

Glazed doors are set suit any application where vision is importent. Glazed doors can let natural light flow through and open up space into yours room.

Door Handling

The term Handling or Hand of a Door is appied to doors, frames aand hardware so as to indicate the direction of the swing of the door. besically the door will be either right or left hand. However door open into or out of a building or room and places of pieces of hardwre may be installed or mounted on only one side of the door, it is necessory to be more specific.